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1. Which of these herbs may help with bad breath?
valerian cardamom lovage kava kava

2. Which herb contains an anxiety relieving sedative?
sage oregano lemon balm valerian

3. Which of these herbs has antiviral properties?
chives lemon balm basil primrose

4. Which herb does NOT have magnesium?
basil coriander dandelion cowpeas

5. Which herb is rich in antioxidants?
rosemary oregano purslane all

6. Which herb might NOT help treat gallstones?
sage spearmint cardamom peppermint

7. Which of these herbs has antiviral compounds?
jewelweed hyssop angelica sunflower seeds

8. Which herb does NOT have calcium?
pigweed lambs quarters watercress dill

9. Which of these herbs treats some types of depression?
savory peanut st. john's wort fenugreek

10. Which herb can be used to treat insect bites?
calendula angelica bugleweed all

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