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1. Which herb may improve memory?
savory basil rosemary ginger

2. Which of these herbs may help with bad breath?
valerian cardamom lovage kava kava

3. Which of these herbs has antiviral compounds?
jewelweed hyssop angelica sunflower seeds

4. Which of these helps the liver?
carrot dandelion milk thistle all

5. Which of these herbs treats some types of depression?
savory peanut st. john's wort fenugreek

6. Which of these contains the herbal version of aspirin?
lovage willow goldenseal mullein

7. Which herb does NOT have magnesium?
basil coriander dandelion cowpeas

8. Which of these contains anti-migraine compounds?
pomegranate milk thistle feverfew bloodroot

9. Which of these herbs is NOT good for treating an upset stomach?
fennel ginger echinacea peppermint

10. Which of these herbs may help reduce coughing?
lavender chicory bay elderberry

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